Initial Rebet FAQ

What is Rebet?

Rebet is a cutting-edge social “sportsbook” that revolutionizes play-for-fun sports predictions by integrating them into a social gaming environment. With a unique blend of promotional play and loyalty rewards, we offer sports enthusiasts a dynamic platform to earn prizes while participating in sports games! We create a social atmosphere throughout the application by allowing users to bet directly against one another through our Easy to Read betting lines and enjoy a full scale social media platform! Rebet does not offer “real money” gambling or an opportunity to win real money prizes based on the outcome of play.

Is Rebet available in my state?

You are responsible for determining whether you are located in a jurisdiction where Rebet is legal. Currently, Rebet is accessible to players across the United States, with the exception of Idaho and Nevada. The availability of these promotions may change monthly, so we recommend reviewing our Terms of Use and Sweepstakes Rules for the latest eligibility details.

What’s the difference between Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash?

Rebet Coins are our fun currency, allowing players to engage in sports games for fun, while climbing the leaderboards and earring status within the Rebet community. These coins can be claimed daily and are used to play games within the app. While Rebet Coins can be accumulated and used within the platform, they cannot be redeemed for external prizes or cash value or transferred outside of the app.

Rebet Cash, on the other hand, is your gateway to our promotional sweepstakes. Rebet Cash is free to claim and can be used to play promotional games on the app. Once won through gameplay, Rebet Cash can be used to play more promotional games or redeemed for prizes once you meet the minimum redemption level and complete our verification process as outlined in our Terms of Use.

Rebet Cash can be obtained for free with select Rebet Coin purchases or through our alternative entry options. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY to acquire Rebet Cash. For full participation details, please see our Sweepstakes Rules.

What is a Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are exciting promotional games where prizes are awarded to winners. They're a time-honored method for promoting product sales—Rebet Coins, in our case. Sweepstakes have been widely used in the U.S. and globally for many years.

Is Rebet the only company that uses Sweepstakes?

No, sweepstakes are a popular promotional tool used by various companies to market their products. From airlines to food and beverage giants, many well-known brands leverage sweepstakes to engage consumers. Like these companies, Rebet uses sweepstakes – and the chance to win real rewards –to promote its thrilling social gaming platform.

Is Rebet legal?

Rebet is a leading social “sportsbook” application that is distinct from real-money gambling. It's a free-to-play platform designed solely for entertainment purposes. On the platform, we utilize promotional sweepstakes and loyalty rewards to allow our users to win cash prizes, all without any purchase necessary. Rebet has partnered with reputable payment gateways for secure prize redemptions and has consulted specialized legal counsel to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. You are responsible or determining whether you are located in a jurisdiction where Rebet is legal.

Do I need to complete an identity verification?

Yes, identity verification is a must for sweepstakes participation and prize redemption at Rebet. Our automated verification process, powered by our partners at Plaid, ensures a secure and efficient experience. This process includes validation of social security numbers, and potentially the validation of your government-issued ID. Additional documents may be required based on prize values.

How do I deposit funds to my Rebet wallet?

Rebet does not operate on deposits and withdrawals like real-money betting platforms. Instead, we have a dual-currency system: Rebet Coins for casual play and Rebet Cash for sweepstakes participation. You can claim both currencies for free, with additional Rebet Coins available for purchase and Rebet Cash obtainable through promotional offers or alternative methods as detailed in our Sweepstakes Rules.

Does Rebet have customer service?

Yes. Rebet's customer service team is committed to providing top-tier support seven days a week. Whether you have questions about gameplay, account inquiries, or need assistance with sweepstakes entries, our team is ready to help. You may submit a request either directly through the Rebet Mobile Application or by emailing us at When you contact us, a support ticket will be generated to ensure your inquiry is tracked and addressed in a timely manner. For the most efficient service, we recommend submitting a single ticket per inquiry, as multiple tickets for the same issue do not expedite the process. Our goal is to respond swiftly and effectively, ensuring you have the best experience possible on Rebet.